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By limitedbythesky

The Starrrlettos Stats

Formed: 28th June 2005
Split: 31st October 2012
Best Album: 'Spayed Feoff Sadirons' 5/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Epicarp' 8/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 17th November 2011.)
Records Sold: 58,675 in total (22,111 albums, 36,564 singles).
Reputation: Known Locally
Groupies: In a recent interview with Playboy forgottendoor stated that they plan to further their career after The Starrrlettos by starring in hardcore blue flicks.
OtherShortly after 'Sawdust Porridge Impious's release in June 2005, litebritexxx received a death threat from the Pope who warmed them that if they released such unadultured shite in the future they would disappear in the night.

The Starrrlettos Member Profiles


Thanks to litebritexxx less than heavenly vocals, listening to a The Starrrlettos record will take 10 years off your life.


To xxcarouselxx, chords are merely a fashion accessory. Literally. According to recent insider reports they own about 100 pairs of them.

najfight seems to be more capable at using their bass as a weapon than a musical instrument.

tiredunhappy's time signatures were so obscure that at one point Radiohead were trying to poach him. This was before they released that tiredunhappy was just shite at keeping time.

Unable to diffentiate between the white and black keys, deloreancowboy eased the dillema by pouring white paint over all of the board.

Single Releases

# Title Date
39 Crypt Savorier Epistles Fins Ionising Tenours Jul 2005
31 Zonation Succory Kebab Dinkum Drudger Sep 2005
22 Yestreen Outtrot Coequate Tutorial Bellyful Nov 2005
28 Broidery Lingerer Feb 2006
N/A Sawdust Porridge Impious Apr 2007
N/A Undereat May 2007
N/A Buffalos Owlishly Removing Jugal Jul 2007
N/A Malanga Largish Sapper Ratted Whatsis Upflows Jul 2008
N/A Glaciers Gunlock Locative Prise Unglues Aug 2008
N/A Witches Sep 2008
N/A Tsktsks Subsumes Oct 2008
N/A Cairns Reverses Cadence Kopecks Belie Nov 2009
N/A Allicins Nylghau Hins Roms Jan 2010
N/A Tappers Bonitas Mar 2010
N/A Caboshed Antipope May 2010
N/A Haughty Aug 2011
N/A Sharing Somata Bellboys Blasted Melodies Oct 2011
N/A Epicarp Nov 2011
N/A Rotative Elegized Clipt Game Fiaschi Precooks Jan 2012

Album Releases

# Title Date
66 Spayed Feoff Sadirons Jun 2005
N/A Chap Tabooing Inexact Mar 2007
N/A Impair Wireless Kiester Loathes Gamelike Halflife Jun 2008
N/A Chum Sep 2009
N/A Abaxial Effusion Jun 2011

northern ireland's worst

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ha ha how awesome i got radiohead

"tired unhappy" is a line in a song from radiohead