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mother fucker

jesus. just as i began typing this, the news came on the screen about joshua tice, the guy that hit kevin. and let me tell you this kid is the ugliest, pimply faced asshole ive ever seen. I cant believe that sorry mother fucker did this. i hope he rots in hell.
so today i went to the wake with jim and amy and as soon as we pulled up, i felt nauseous. It was the eeriest sight ever. It was jam packed of course, there were so many people there. It was definately expected, because he was a great guy. everything was just so completely surreal: jenny crouch, all the pictures, his brothers that all look identical to him, and kneeling in front of the casket, my thoughts all jumbled up, everything i wanted to say to him coming out wrong.
later on that night i drove past the funeral home again around 9:30, and there was still a huge line of people waiting outside lined up all the way to the street. completely overwhelming.
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