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*Carly Kristen*'s Journal

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Friday, October 30th, 2015
7:56 pm
Hello. Here I am.
(Have A Green Day)
Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
10:19 pm
anyone have myspace?? add me as a friend, itll be fun http://www.myspace.com/x0carlyx0
(1 Green Day Have A Green Day)
Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
8:01 pm

By limitedbythesky

The Starrrlettos Stats

Formed: 28th June 2005
Split: 31st October 2012
Best Album: 'Spayed Feoff Sadirons' 5/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Epicarp' 8/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 17th November 2011.)
Records Sold: 58,675 in total (22,111 albums, 36,564 singles).
Reputation: Known Locally
Groupies: In a recent interview with Playboy forgottendoor stated that they plan to further their career after The Starrrlettos by starring in hardcore blue flicks.
OtherShortly after 'Sawdust Porridge Impious's release in June 2005, litebritexxx received a death threat from the Pope who warmed them that if they released such unadultured shite in the future they would disappear in the night.

The Starrrlettos Member Profiles


Thanks to litebritexxx less than heavenly vocals, listening to a The Starrrlettos record will take 10 years off your life.


To xxcarouselxx, chords are merely a fashion accessory. Literally. According to recent insider reports they own about 100 pairs of them.

najfight seems to be more capable at using their bass as a weapon than a musical instrument.

tiredunhappy's time signatures were so obscure that at one point Radiohead were trying to poach him. This was before they released that tiredunhappy was just shite at keeping time.

Unable to diffentiate between the white and black keys, deloreancowboy eased the dillema by pouring white paint over all of the board.

Single Releases

# Title Date
39 Crypt Savorier Epistles Fins Ionising Tenours Jul 2005
31 Zonation Succory Kebab Dinkum Drudger Sep 2005
22 Yestreen Outtrot Coequate Tutorial Bellyful Nov 2005
28 Broidery Lingerer Feb 2006
N/A Sawdust Porridge Impious Apr 2007
N/A Undereat May 2007
N/A Buffalos Owlishly Removing Jugal Jul 2007
N/A Malanga Largish Sapper Ratted Whatsis Upflows Jul 2008
N/A Glaciers Gunlock Locative Prise Unglues Aug 2008
N/A Witches Sep 2008
N/A Tsktsks Subsumes Oct 2008
N/A Cairns Reverses Cadence Kopecks Belie Nov 2009
N/A Allicins Nylghau Hins Roms Jan 2010
N/A Tappers Bonitas Mar 2010
N/A Caboshed Antipope May 2010
N/A Haughty Aug 2011
N/A Sharing Somata Bellboys Blasted Melodies Oct 2011
N/A Epicarp Nov 2011
N/A Rotative Elegized Clipt Game Fiaschi Precooks Jan 2012

Album Releases

# Title Date
66 Spayed Feoff Sadirons Jun 2005
N/A Chap Tabooing Inexact Mar 2007
N/A Impair Wireless Kiester Loathes Gamelike Halflife Jun 2008
N/A Chum Sep 2009
N/A Abaxial Effusion Jun 2011

northern ireland's worst

(1 Green Day Have A Green Day)
Sunday, June 5th, 2005
2:43 pm
holy shit!! i am the proud owner of degrassi junior high season 1 on dvd!!!! yay!!! my birthday was the best!! bought some sweet sunglasses from kohls yesterday!! they were only 10 bucks!! yay!

6/30 story of the year
7/3 reel big fish
7/12 john mellencamp
8/13 green day
8/16 journey

current mood: nerdy
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Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
12:27 pm
A - Age you lost your virginity? - 16

B - Band listening to right now? - new nin cd

C- Dream car? - 2005 chevy cobalt

D - Dads name? - duane

E - Easiest person to make laugh? - jim

F - Food you miss most? -nachos

G - Any encounters with ghosts? -nothing major

H - Person most hated at the moment?- lots :)

I - Interesting unknown fact about yourself? - i like stripes

J - The first letter of the last person who broke your heart? - r

K - Kissing with eyes opened or closed? - closed

L - Last time you did LSD? - never did

Most memorable moment you can think of in a minute?- getting kicked out of mcmonkeez

N - Nicknames? - Car

O - What's the most valued possession? -friends and family

P - Poison of choice? - alcohol

Q - The last quote you heard: - "7:30 came too fast. i feel like i didnt sleep at all" _jim

R - What are you allergic to? -springtime white shit that flies around

S - Song you sang last? - karaoke- new age girl_deadeye dick for the hell of it- reel big fish_beer

T - Time you woke up? - 10

U - Fav. pair of underwear? - blue lacy boy shorts ones from ae

V - Vegetable you hate most? -none

W - What are you the most afraid of? - dying, mirrors

X - X-rated love life? -sure?

Y - Year you were born? - 1982

Z - Zodiac sign? - gemini
(Have A Green Day)
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
7:59 pm - another one for amy
ok now amy, i dont know if this will ring a bell to you but it could be very possible.

take yourself back to when you worked at the movies at the eatern hills mall...

im supposed to tell you that i work with phil. haha.

we thought you might be the same amy he worked with
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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
7:03 pm - this ones for amy
me and my mommy are drinkin wine

so i started off the day by listening to american idiot to get in the spirit of voting after work. it was fun. GREEN DAY NOV. 5 ROCHESTER SHOW. yayayayayayay. so i got a real job, its shitty i run a laser engraver and ship and prepare printed orders. im basically everyones bitch. heh. plus im still at the library.
yesterday me and jim watched dirty dancing. good times

the grudge = ehh

saw = fuuuun movie

shaun of the dead = amazing

sooooo anyways if bush wins who wants to move to canada with me?!?!

current mood: drunk
(1 Green Day Have A Green Day)
Sunday, September 5th, 2004
7:14 pm
1. First Name: Carly
2. Hair Color: Brown
3. Middle Name: Kristen
4. Hair Style: shoulder length with layers
5. Eye Color: brown
6. Height: 5'4"
8. Birthday: june
9. Zodiac Sign: gemini
10. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: yes
11. Do you have a crush?: -

1. Favorite Animal: giraffe
2. Favorite Sport: volleyball
3. Favorite Color(s): pink and black
4. Favorite Friend(s): jim, jaime, lindsay
6. Favorite Song(s): anything by green day
7. Favorite Movie Quote: "When somebody needs to be killed you kill em, thats the way" house of 1000 corpses
8. Favorite Store: american eagle, forever 21, kaufmanns, hollister
9. Favorite Feeling: love, joy
10. Favorite Shoe: my blue and pink sneaks
11. Favorite Scent: lilac
12. Do You Wear Make-Up?: yeah
13. Which is more important, personality or looks?: personality
14. What kind of personality do you like in a guy/girl?: funny, nice, caring, understanding, sweet, honest and trustworthy
15. Do you move fast or slow in a relationship?: depends
16. What is your idea of the perfect guy/girl?: someone who is generous kind caring and romantic. someone who isnt afraid to be themselves. someone who is funny and can make me smile
17. Would you ever ask someone out?: yea
18. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?: brunettes
Love, Life & Friends
1. What is the first thing you notice about somone?: looks.
2. When's the last time you cried?: when i fought with jim
3. What do you want to be when you grow up?: librarian
4. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: darla my unicorn
5. How far have you gotten?: far
6. Do you like someone right now?: yes
7. Do they know?: yes
8. Do you have a best friend?: yes
1. Had a serious talk?: yeah?
2. Hugged someone?: yeah?
3. Gotten along well with your parents?: most of the time
4. Fought with a friend?: yeah.

Do you like to...
1. Do you like to give hugs? yes
2. Give back rubs?: no, but i like getting them.
3. Take walks in the rain?: depends if im with someone special
4. Do you ever have one of those falling dreams?: yep
5. What is on the walls of your room?: pictures of the crew, calendar, cork board
6. When you chew gum, what etc..kind?: whatever other ppl have
7. Do you use chap stick?: yes.

In the last month have/did you...
1. Drink?: yep
2. Smoke?: yep
3. Drugs?: yep
4. Have Sex?: yep
5. Made Out?: hell yeah
6. Go on a date?: yes
8. Go to the mall?: yes
9. Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: No.
10. Eaten sushi?: yep
11. Been on stage?: at the kottonmouth kings concert
12. Been dumped?: Nope.
13: Had someone unfaithful to you?: no
14. Watched The Smurfs?: dont think its still on
15. Hiked a mountain?: No.
16. Made homemade cookies?: no
17. Been in love?: yes and it feels great

More stuff.
1. Are you popular?: im 22... im pretty sure we are all past that
2. Are you pretty?: some ppl think so
4. What is your favorite word to say: fantastic
5. What is your favorite phrase to say?: gay
6.what are you doing right now?: typing
7. What song are you listening to?: nothing
8. What are you wearing?: jeans and a green shirt

1. Cold or hot?: hot
2. Lace or satin?: Satin
3. Blue or Red?: blue
4. New or old?: new
5. Rain or snow?: rain.
6. Give or receive?: recieve ha
7. Wool or cotton?: Cotton
8. Rose or Daisy?: rose
9. Private school or public school?: public
10. Chocolate milk or plain milk?: plain
11. Celsius or Fahrenheit?: fahrenheit
12. Spring or Fall?: spring
13. Inny or outty?: inny
14. Now or then?: now
15. How many fingers am I holding up?: a million
16. Scent?: lilacs
17. English or Math?: english
18. Bath or shower?: bath
19. Bedtime phrase?: gnite
20. Self-stick or lick?: self stick
21. Cursive or print?: cursive
22. Do you like surprises?: yes
23. Paranoid or Cautious?: paranoid
24. Heights or Crowds?: crowds
25. Half-full or half-empty?: half full
26. Top or bottom?: top
27. do you/Would you dye your hair?: yes
28. Speeding or running red lights?: speeding
29. Gold or silver?: silver
30. Bad habits?: smoking, biting my nails, shy
31. Piercing?: ears
32. Erogenous Zone(s)?: neck
33. "Maybe" or "Mebbe?": maybe
35. What do you wish you'd done?: didnt let it get to me
36. Fetish?: mmm
37. Do you have one of THOSE voices?: hope not
38. Jammies or naked?: jammies
39. Neurotic or psychotic?: neurotic
40. Do you talk to yourself?: yes

first grade teacher's name: mrs bosinski
last word you said: bye
last song you sang: cherry bom, john mellencamp
what's in your cd player: room: dscendents, jimmy eat world, mix, fenix tx, josie and the pussycats car: bayside, kmk, journey, 3 mix cds
what color socks are you wearing: none
what's under your bed: boxes
what time did you wake up today: 8 30
where do you want to go: australia, las vegas, disney world, cali
what is your career going to be: librarian someday
where are you going to live: probably here
how many kids do you want: 0
what kind of car will you have: a cute one

current mood: tired
current music: bayside
current taste: saliva
current hair: down and striaght
current smell: air
current longing: to see jimmy
current desktop picture: blueness
current favorite artist: van gogh
current color of toenails: clear
current worry: that someone i care about is fucking a walking std
current crush: no one
current hate: lindsay lohan

1. what's the story behind your dj username? dunno i was like 18 when i made this name. its dumb
2. name five [5] of your favorite foods. nachos, french onion soup, crab, salt n vinegar chips, pizza
3. have you ever had a makeover? no
4. name all members of the beatles. John. Paul. George. Ringo.
5. what's the longest time you've stayed out of the country/where? overnight in toronto
6. one thing you're grateful for today. a warm day
(2 Green Days Have A Green Day)
7:11 pm
The Soundtrack to Your Life Survey

Make a soundtrack for your life, matching songs with the following:

Opening song: Perfect Day- Hoku

Waking up: Bouncing of the Walls- Sugarcult

First date: Suburban Life- KmK

First kiss: I do (cherish you)- 98*

Falling in love: Clavicle- Alkaline Trio

Seeing an old love: Clean Sheets- Descendents

Heartbreak: Mix Tape- Brand New

Driving fast: Get Low- Lil Jon

Getting ready to go out: AM to PM- Christina Milan

Partying with friends: The Joker- STeve Miller Band

Dancing at a club: Lean Back- Terror Squad

Flirting: Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus

Feeling sexy: Hella Good- NO DOubt

Walking alone in the rain: Your Star- All AMerican Rejects

Missing someone: JAR- Green Day

Playing in the ocean: Until the Day I Die- Story of the Year

Summer vacation: First Day of Summer- SCreeching Weasel

Fighting with someone: Radio- ALkaline Trio

Acting goofy with friends: Hungry Like The Wolf- Duran Duran

Thinking back: Phone Calls From POland- Bayside

Feeling depressed: Art of Losing- American Hi Fi

Christmas time: Jingle Bell Rock

Falling asleep: Rotting- Green Day

Closing song: Faithfully- Journey

Take The Soundtrack to Your Life Survey

Get more cool things for your blog at Blogthings
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Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
10:13 pm
Things I enjoy:
HOuse of 1000 Corpses
The Sun
Going to the beach
Jim and Jaime
Playing Darts
Michael Ian Black
Going Out
Green Day
Alkaline Trio

Things I Dislike:
People who think you dont have feelings
15 yr olds in bars
Club Miami
People who ditch me after we make plans
Sabrina the Teenage Whore (haha jaime)
Buffalo Unzipped
People who take advantage of "gifts"
Throwing up bile (sick but true)
Crying babies and bratty kids
(Have A Green Day)
Friday, June 11th, 2004
3:13 pm
Went to the kottonmouth kings show on sunday with jimmy and jaime which was a good time. I saw Lance and Christie (yay!) and mike murphy and josh hill. it was a ton of fun and me and christie got to go up on stage for the last song... ha. Gotta work on finding a real job now... it sucks, i have no idea what i wanna do and am even considering going back to school for a different degree. Blah. "i guess this is growing up" ( haha famous words of blink 182...) hmm what else? not a whole lot. hung out with ray for a while last friday. hes a cool dude. hopefully tonight ill be able to do something fun since it feels as if i havent left my house in ages (besides going to work)... hmm well i should probably go work on summer music since the fans are getting antsy lol.
(Have A Green Day)
Friday, June 4th, 2004
9:39 pm
reason for LJ username:
AIM sn:
reason for AIM sn:
do you enjoy reading my LJ:
interesting fact about you:
weird fact about you:
will you post this in your LJ:


1. a movie:
2. a book:
3. a musical artist, song, or album:
4. an LJ user not on my friends list:
5. something to do in the next two months:
(1 Green Day Have A Green Day)
2:05 pm
Thirteen random things you like:
2.)green day
6.)water with lemon
8.)punk music
9.)christian slater
11.)my friends
13.)people watching
Twelve movies:
3.)last house on the left
4.)house of 1000 corpses
5.)welcome to the dollhouse
6.)slc punk
7.)dude wheres my car
8.)old school
9.)the wizard
10.)dirty dancing
12.)buffalo 66
Eleven good bands/artists:
1.)green day
2.)no doubt
3.)alkaline trio
4.)kottonmouth kings
6.)story of the year
7.)suicide machines
9.)reel big fish
10.)good charlotte
Ten things about you ... physically:
1.)brown hair
2.)nice eyes
3,)big boobs
4.)cute butt
5.)nice smile
Nine good friends:
1.) jim
2.) jaime
3.) lindsay
4.) ross
5.) jimbo
6.) christine
7.) yea ok i dunno im faking it :/
Eight favorite foods/drinks:
1.)strawberry lemonade
2.)diet pepsi
4.)sparkling water
7.)chinese food
8.)grapefruit juice
Seven things you wear daily:
Six things that annoy you:
1.)old people with cars
2.)kids who run around screaming at the top of their lungs
4.)fake people
5.)avril lavigne
Five things you touch everyday:
2.)bed sheets
3.)my hair
4.)my face
5.)my cat
Four shows you watch:
1.)70s show
2.)real world
3.)full house
Three celebrities you have a crush on:
1.)billie joe armstrong
2.)gwen stefani
3.)shane west
Two people on lj that you have kissed
One person you could spend the rest of your life with
(Have A Green Day)
Friday, May 14th, 2004
3:47 pm
--Spell your name with band names.
Cyndi Lauper
Less Than Jake
Ying Yang Twins

-- Name: Carly
-- Birth date: 6-1-82
-- Nickname: none
-- Current Location: Clarence, NY
-- Eye Color: Brown
-- Hair Color: Brown
-- Righty or Lefty: righty
-- Zodiac Sign: gemini

-- The shoes you wore today: black and pink new balance
-- Your weakness: dunno
-- Your fears: lots
-- Your perfect pizza: chees and jalapenos from pizza hut
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: get a job

-- Your most overused phrase on AIM: thats gay
-- Your thoughts when first waking up: sleeeeep
-- Your best physical feature: dunno
-- Your bedtime: like 11
-- Most missed memory: so many

-- Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
-- McDonald's or Burger King: mickey ds
-- Adidas or Nike: i guess adidas
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: lipton
-- Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
-- Cappuccino or coffee: coffee

-- Smoke: yes
-- Cuss: yes
-- Sing: no but once i sang karaoke
-- Take a shower everyday: HAHAHA no
-- Have a crush(es): nah
-- Do you think you've been in love: yea
-- Want to go to college: almost done
-- Like(d) high school: had a lot of fun
-- Want to get married: sure
-- Believe in yourself: sometimes
-- Get motion sickness: in long car rides
-- Think you're attractive: eh
-- Think you're a health freak: nope
-- Get along with your parents: somewhat
-- Play an instrument: i can still play the flute

In the past month...
-- Drank alcohol: yes.
-- Smoked: yes
-- Done a drug: yes
-- Had Sex: yes
-- Made Out: yes
-- Gone on a date: sure
-- Gone to the mall?: yep
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
-- Eaten sushi: yep
-- Been on stage: no
-- Been dumped: No.
-- Gone skating: No.
-- Made homemade cookies: nope
-- Gone skinny dipping: no
-- Dyed your hair: no
-- Stolen anything: probably photopaper

-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: no-- If so, was it mixed company: .
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
-- Been caught "doing something": by myself or with someone else?
-- Been called a tease: lol
-- Gotten beaten up: no
-- Shoplifted: no
-- Changed who you were to fit in: no

-- Age you hope to be married: ummm i dunno
-- Numbers and Names of Children: blah
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: a small one
-- How do you want to die: i dont want to die
-- Where you want to go to college: am there
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: happy
-- What country would you most like to visit: australia, germany, italy

LAYER 10 WAS DUMB << i trust amy on this one >>

-- Number of people I could trust with my life: 1
-- Number of CDs that I own: tons
-- Number of piercings: 11
-- Number of tattoos: 1
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?:a few
-- Number of cars your family own: 2
(Have A Green Day)
Friday, January 2nd, 2004
7:04 pm
1. What did you do in 2003 that you'd never done before?
hmmm... dunnolistened to alkaline trio

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
didnt have any last year although i think for this year im gonna try to get in better shape

3. Did anyone close to you give birth or die?
well aaron bender passed away... we hung out a few times over the summer, so that was horrible, and then kevin, my childhood love, the one i went to school every day to see so rip AB & KD

4. What hobbies did you take most interest in this year?
makin mix tapes, drinking

5. What countries did you visit?

6. What would you like to have in 2004 that you lacked in 2003?

7. What date(s) from 2003 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
hmmm... warped tour, august 7 & the week i was at sunset, aug 8-15

8. What are some of your biggest achievements of the year?
not failing this last semester

9. What was your biggest failure?

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
not anything serious

11. What is one of the best things you bought for yourself or someone bought for you?
lots of stuff

12. Did you do anything this year you didn't think you'd ever do?

13. What is one simple memory of this year you will always remember?
playin darts at garden park

14. Where did most of your money go?
gas and drinking

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
seeing good charlotte, goin to warped tour, lots of stuff

16. What shows or concerts did you attend this year?
gc, suicide machines, jonny was, warped, i dunno a lot

17. Compared to this time last year, are you happier or sadder?

ii. thinner or fatter?
lol the way ive been drinking probably fatter

iii. richer or poorer?

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
thought for myself instead of worrying about hurtin ppls feelins

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
----- & --------

20. How did you spend Christmas?
with the fam, gettin lots of presents

22. Did you fall in love in 2003?

23. How many one night stands this year?
lol hmm well i guess one official

24. What was your favorite TV program?
that 70s show

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?

26. How was your summer vacation spent this year?
partyin, workin, hanging out with friends

27. What can you predict about next year (2004)?
finish school

28. What did you want and get?
i dunno

29. What did you want and not get?

30. How has your physical appearance changed, if any, since the beginning of the year?
not really, my hair is a lot longer

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
had a lil party, then went to thruwy inn with jaime linds and mike hanley

32. What one thing made your year immeasurably more satisfying than last year?
more friends

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2003?
casual, jeans, hoodies, and some american eagle

34. What kept you sane?

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
mmm joel and benji, shane west, green day, gwen stefani

36. What political issue stirred you the most?
blah... um i guess saddam hussein, that mo fo

37. Who did you miss?
a few...

38. Who was the best new person you met?

39. Tell us what you learned in 2003.
a bunch of crap

40. A quote or song lyric(s) that sums up your year:
hold on it gets better than you know...

current mood: contemplative
(Have A Green Day)
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
11:06 pm - mother fucker
jesus. just as i began typing this, the news came on the screen about joshua tice, the guy that hit kevin. and let me tell you this kid is the ugliest, pimply faced asshole ive ever seen. I cant believe that sorry mother fucker did this. i hope he rots in hell.
so today i went to the wake with jim and amy and as soon as we pulled up, i felt nauseous. It was the eeriest sight ever. It was jam packed of course, there were so many people there. It was definately expected, because he was a great guy. everything was just so completely surreal: jenny crouch, all the pictures, his brothers that all look identical to him, and kneeling in front of the casket, my thoughts all jumbled up, everything i wanted to say to him coming out wrong.
later on that night i drove past the funeral home again around 9:30, and there was still a huge line of people waiting outside lined up all the way to the street. completely overwhelming.

current mood: gloomy
(1 Green Day Have A Green Day)
12:32 pm
*** RiP ***
Kevin Durkin

current mood: sad
(1 Green Day Have A Green Day)
Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
11:36 pm
Youre Rayanne Graf.
Rayanne is rebellious. She drinks, she does drugs,
and she is always the life of the party. She is
close to her mother Amber, and in a way seems
to want to be Angelain her own screwed up way.
Rayanne sleeps around with guys and this gets
her into trouble and in the end destroys her
friendship with Angela. Despite her bad
reputation, Rayanne looks out for her friends
even though at times she cant look after

Which My So Called Life Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
(Have A Green Day)
Sunday, December 7th, 2003
5:11 am - fuck yeah
You are Mari Collingwood, from "Last House on
the Left." You poor, lost little girl...

Which Horror Movie Character Are You? (Many Options)
brought to you by Quizilla
(Have A Green Day)
4:57 am
Bad Boy - Your ideal guy is the rebellious and
muscular bad boy. He's into living life outside
the lines - and having fun doing it.
Turn ons: You'll enjoy being wrapped up in those
Turn offs: He might not always stay true to you,
and those motorcycle rides can seriously screw
up your hair!

What is your ideal type of guy? (With Pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla
(Have A Green Day)
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